The Derby party was great for those whom attended! We had a chance to do some unique video work

Note: Shown in this video are Jim Lancaster's 1949 Racing Runabout and Alan Bloomfield's 1993 Hacker (1934 Replica). 

"Personally, I had a great time, I had two Mint Julips with Woodford Reserve Bourbon, I won $2 bucks on the favorite horse. … Oh yeah but I lost on $6 on the other horses I bet on! Well, I still had a great time. ..the grandkids were there too!" --- Paul Cundiff 

The evening's entertainment was great - Annabelle Road listen to the clip at the bottom of their page and HEAR what you missed!

June 21, 2014
          Boats and BBQ
             1:00pm till 6:00pm. 

It will be held on the water in front of the marina. I have included an link  
so you can see what last years event looked like last year. The only real difference this year is that it is on a party barge instead of a floating dock. 

Sept. 25-28, 2014

 ACBS Bluegrass Vintage Boat Rendezvous

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May 3, 2014